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On this side of the lens...


  • I am mommy to bubbly 10-year-old, Zoe. She is an insanely creative overachiever who always wears a smile, usually with frosted pink lip gloss.  She inspires me.  She motivates me.  She frustrates me.  But mostly the first two.  She is also the reason I am no longer organized and always out of scotch tape.


  • I am married to a sci-fi loving, gadget-buying, computer-fixing man who is one woman away from being a total nerd. If it says “as seen on TV,” we probably own it.   Zoe and I think our near-nerd is pretty amazing. 


  • I have two furbabies, Bailey Boo the Cockapoo and Jilly B. Jones. They are family.  Like most family, they are crazy.  They are not as tough as they want you to believe.   But if you try to break in to my house these furballs will eat you and bury your bones. Or, maybe, roll over for a belly scratch.  One can never tell.


  • I love all things hot pink and I have since I was a child.  Zoe has always loved turquoise.  Her room is pink anyway. 


  • I love music and I am inspired by anybody who writes it. I am constantly compiling the soundtrack that will someday accompany the imaginary movie of my life.


  • I love to write. I love to read. I love to be around others who do as well.


  • I am an insomniac. I send emails at 3am. I apologize if I send you one that doesn't make sense.


  • I was born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota. I studied communications, political science, and journalism at the University of Minnesota.  I then said “meh” after I had the double major and minor and taught myself photography.  I live in Florida because Minnesota is cold and I am a wimp.


  • I have lived in Panama City long enough to call myself an honorary southerner. I still won't eat grits.  I prefer flip flops to boots and cowboy hats look silly on me. 


  • I am a photographer because it allows me to tell a story with images. 


  • If I won the lotto, I would still do this job.  Maybe not Powerball.  No, I’m pretty sure I still would. 


I look forward to seeing you on the other side of the lens.